6 August 2021
The number of illegal ads blocked by Google has been determined

The number of illegal ads blocked by Google has been determined

Googleannual “, which shows data on advertising.Advertising Safety ReportPublished. The report shows that Google added or updated more than 40 policies for advertisers and publishers in 2020.

The company, last year; violating the policies of 3.1 billion blocked or removed the ad. Moreover, about 6.4 billion advertising faced some kind of restriction.

Google does not look for illegal ads

Reportclaims that ad restrictions allow Google to comply with regional and local laws. In addition, Google, in order to ensure that ads are displayed only when they are suitable for placement; adopts implementation methods related to the certification program.

The company uses a large scale to effectively crawl web pages to determine whether they comply with publisher policies. to automatic detection technology continues to invest.

The number of ads removed, which was 160 million in 2019, in 2020 To 1.3 billion reached up. When the number of ads removed affected thousands of publishers, some of them stopped advertising on Facebook.


Google’s advertising policy

As of last year Googleabout the coronavirus From 100 million had to block too many ads. Also, when in a state of under-supply N95 masks The company that also blocks advertising promoting; recently introduced on Facebook fake vaccine It started blocking its advertisements.

In the Google statement: “Our app is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This year, we shared more detailed information about advertising restrictions for the first time. This is a fundamental part of our overall strategy. ” said.

Google Advertising

Google’s advertising policy

Google did not block ads for one reason

Policy violations the number of ad accounts deactivated by Google increased by 70% from 1 million. To 1.7 million output. Google said it will continue to invest in policies, expert teams and executive technology over the next year to prevent potential threats in advance. Also, the verification program on a global scale He also stated that it will continue to expand its scope of application and improve transparency.

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