23 July 2021
Clubhouse will now save users money!

The period to earn money begins in the Clubhouse

ClubhouseWill allow all users to pay creators starting Monday. First embedded directly inside the app money making toolWill strengthen Clubhouse’s competitive advantage against its competitors.

Clubhouse first money making tool, any commission stating that it will not be taken. This means that content creators will be able to receive the full amount sent by a user. However, the system is not yet available for everyone. Platform new feature, “a small with test group it will spread in waves.

Clubhouse strengthens its competitive advantage

To pay a paid Clubhouse creator to your profile, next “Send moneyYou can tap the ”button and choose how much to send. In addition, when making this payment, Clubhouse’s payment processing partner Stripeto a “ little card transaction fee“Let’s also mention that you have to pay. Also iThe first time you try to pay someone, the Clubhouse asks you to add a credit or debit card.

Making money in the clubhouse

Clubhouse payment tool

Direct checkout news came just weeks after Clubhouse announced its first content creator boost program. As you know Clubhouse Creator First, to help them build their audience and monetize their show 20 volunteers will commission the creator.

The boost program and new direct payments can encourage creators to stay at Clubhouse more than jump into one of the many other social media platforms that copy the Clubhouse’s audio format.

Currently, Clubhouse is only It is an application that can be used by invitation on the iOS platform. However, the platform Android version is in progress.

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