19 April 2021
The 'Reels' competition is heating up!  New name from Facebook

The ‘Reels’ competition is heating up! New name from Facebook

The competition between ‘short-form’ (Reels) video platforms is gaining a new dimension with each passing day. Social media giant Facebook against rival TikTok last August Instagram Reels introduced the feature. The company has taken another step to expand the scope of this feature. Instagram Reels’i Facebook integrated with the application. The officials did not explain when this innovation, which has become available in India, will arrive in other countries.

Instagram Reels merged with Facebook

Facebook, Instagram users by sending notification announced the new feature. He asked if they would like to enable the feature in question. Reels videos shared by users who have accepted to activate are now On Facebook News Feed and Facebook Watch will appear in the section. The videos will also include the users’ Instagram names. In addition, Facebook will make Reels recommendations to users based on their interests.

facebook instagram reels

Facebook has begun testing its new feature with certain internet phenomena in India. Currently only certain people Instagram Reels They can share their videos on Facebook. They can also create Reels videos directly on Facebook.

If you want to see how the new feature works, you can follow these people on Facebook: Pooja Dhingra, Ashish Chanchlani, Masterchef Pankaj Bhadouria, Awez Darbar, Bong Guy, Suresh Raina, Sanjeev Kapoor, Harbhajan Singh

TikTok has been banned in the country for a long time

Although China stands out with the crisis with the USA, there is another country where it has problems: India. The crisis between the two countries was reflected in the internet environment last June. In the announcement made by the government of India, To protect the security rights of Indian users He announced that he had decided to ban TikTok.

Although TikTok competitors have dozens of domestic applications in the country, Instagram Reels, which operates within Facebook, stands out. The integration of the platform will strengthen its market share in India.

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