1 August 2021
The Rust Console Edition is now available for pre-order!  Here is the release date

The Rust Console Edition is now available for pre-order! Here is the release date

Double Eleven company finally Rust Console Edition gave a release date for the game. The production, which is currently open for pre-order, will be PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will come to their consoles.

Popular survival-themed game in 2018 Microsoft Windows and macOS It was published on their device. In the first place, the broadcaster company refused to enter the console world. But at the beginning of March, Double Eleven, In spring 2021 he heralded that the game was coming to PS and Xbox. Now the game’s release date has become clear.

Rust Console Edition launches on March 21

Publisher and developer company Double Eleven made an announcement about the console adaptation of the expected game. Game according to the descriptions PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for 21 May will be released on. In addition, the production is already in three different versions to pre-order is opened.

Rust Console Edition While the standard version comes with limited features; Special equipment and game in the deluxe package 3 days early access will give the opportunity. In addition, users who purchased the package Open Test and Closed Beta‘or will be able to reach. In the Ultimate version, in addition to these, the players exclusive costume packs and 1100 Rust Gold will take.

The prices of the game vary on both consoles. On Steam 127 TLRust Console Edition sold to Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store in their stores at the following prices:

– PlayStation Store: Standard version 359 TL / Deluxe packages 429 TL / Ultimate packages 569 TL
– Microsoft Store: Standard version 141,25 TL / Deluxe packages 226,25 TL / Ultimate packages 407,50 TL

Rust Console Edition

The price of the Rust Console Edition has been announced.

Mark South, the director of operation of the developer company, excited console owners for the Rust Console Edition with the following explanations:

Rust will forever be the doll and brain of Facepunch Studios. We are extremely grateful to take the games they made and transfer them to the console version. We have prepared an outstanding gaming experience designed for PlayStation and Xbox gamers. We look forward to hearing player feedback.

Popular survival game months left for now. My production comes to console a little later than expected. But still, there is a delicate work behind this delay. Hence the date of May 21 PlayStation and Xbox One It looks like it will be very enjoyable for its users.

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