23 July 2021
The Turk who paid $ 2.5 million to Jack Dorsey's tweet

The Turk who paid $ 2.5 million to Jack Dorsey’s tweet

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put his first tweet on the market. The crypto digital payment method called NFT was used for the first tweet on Valuables BY Cent. The virtual auction reached a sum of $ 2.5 million in a short time. The auction ended with a Turkish businessperson’s bid for $ 2.5 million.

Twitter CEO auctioned for his first tweet

In 2006, when Jack Dorsey first founded Twitter, he tweeted “Just setting up my twttr”. A user named Sina Estavi paid 2.5 million dollars for this simple share, which explains that he only set his own twitter.

Sina Estavi turned out to be the CEO of Cryptoland and Malaysia-based Bridge Oracle. Estavi shared his offer on Twitter, and attracted the attention of Turkish users. Users browsing the profile and realizing that there are Turkish posts wondered about Sina Estavi. After this curiosity, the Turkish user asked the question “dad, how did you remove Turkish?”

Virtual auctions, which we call NFT, is a technology used by digital art owners for virtual auctions. In this sense, NFT auctions have a structure that documents who belongs to digital art. This determination is made possible by a technology in the form of an immutable crypto token.

As you know, cryptocurrencies can be converted into different cryptocurrencies. However, NFT technology works a little differently from other cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, it is not possible to convert NFT values ​​to other cryptocurrencies. With this special digital signature, the person proves that the digital product sold belongs to him.

Estavi, who made this payment with Ethereum, made a payment with 1630 Ethereum. The current value of this payment is 2 million 600 thousand dollars.

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