5 August 2021
They donated their old electronic devices to the museum!

They donated their old electronic devices to the museum!

Tuzla Mayor Şadi Yazıci’s Selale Education Parklocated in Technology Adventure Exhibition It hosts a large number of nostalgic electronic devices. The exhibition, which includes many products from the 1930s to the present, has been honored with two meaningful gifts today.

Categorizing almost every product such as computer, television and phone into separate categories and presenting it to visitors Technology Adventure Exhibition open to outside support. Citizens can donate old products from their homes to the exhibition. Dr. Sadie Yazici The post shared by Twitter on Twitter reveals that it allows the whole public to contribute to further expanding the exhibition.

Dr. Şadi Yazıcı thanked for the support of the exhibition

Tuzla Mayor Dr. Sadie Yazici thanked him for the meaningful support that came to the Adventure of Technology Exhibition via his personal Twitter account today. Yazıcı shared the donation of his old devices to the exhibition by a citizen named Nejat Bayındır with the following sentences:

Mr. Nejat Bayındır donated his old devices for our Technology Adventure Exhibition. They added color to our project with their valuable support. Thank you very much.

Mayor of Tuzla, who shared another Twitter post during the day, shared his support for the citizen named Veysel Ertaş this time. Nostalgic radio and mini cam He thanked Ertaş for his donation as follows:

Mr. Veysel Ertaş donated his nostalgic radio and mini camera to our technology exhibition. I thank them for their valuable support to our project.

The exhibition, which hosts many remarkable nostalgic electronic products ranging from black and white tube televisions from the 1950s to radios of the 1930s, telephones with antenna and keypad, also includes examples of the first personal computers that came out in the 70s. Technology Adventure Exhibition In addition to donations from citizens, it mostly consists of products used by Yazıcı or bought directly for the exhibition.

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