28 July 2021
They prepare adaptive products with 3D printers for people with disabilities

They prepare adaptive products with 3D printers for people with disabilities

Founded in 2018 by occupational therapist İsmail İşler and Emre Akıncı PhD. 3D Donate platform To make life easier for people with disabilities gives service voluntarily.

Three years in Turkey and in the world eliminating the disadvantages of children, adolescents and elderly individuals The non-profit platform, which serves to increase the participation of individuals in daily life activities, announced that it is now ready to reach more people.

3D Donate makes life easier for people with disabilities

People with disabilities who come together to facilitate their daily life 3D Donate establishment draws attention with its wide product range. All products listed on the website themselves 3D printers The team that prints with mainly focuses on the following categories:

– Kitchen auxiliary products

– Daily tools and equipment

– Personal care aids

– Education tools and equipment

– Technology use equipment

3D Donate

Products listed on the 3D Donate platform

Completely for people with disabilities free Working as 3D Donate, it delivers the products it lists on its website with a fast and practical method. When you mouse over any of the adaptive items on the products page, the image above the “I need this”Message appears. You can add the product to the cart by clicking here, then “My needsBy going to the ”page, you can confirm your requests and enter your address information.

3D Donate

‘My Needs’ page

How to support the project?

The 3D Donate team offers four different options for volunteers who want to support them in this work. These are as follows:

– Around you to individuals in need You can give information about this formation.

– This project is in your area local supporter you can.

– For requests in your city if you own a 3D printer by pressure you can support.

Design, printing, shipping service, filament or 3d printer You can support.

To get more information about the 3D Donate project, request support or provide support, to the link You can reach the website of the organization by clicking.

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