28 July 2021
This time, Apple is in trouble with the 'login' feature!

This time, Apple is in trouble with the ‘login’ feature!

Apple introduced with iOS 13 “Sign in with Apple” feature allows users to log in to any application with a single click. This feature, which does not even share the e-mail information and name of the users with the developer of the application, is one of the most concrete examples Apple gives to privacy. However, some developers are very uncomfortable with this feature of Apple. The Information’un According to the information cited by the US Department of Justice officials, by using the “Sign in with Apple” whether he was abusing domination started to investigate.

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“Sign in with Apple” feature caused trouble for the company

The primary focus of the Ministry of Justice is whether Apple uses the control over the App Store in its favor and the fee policy it subjected to developers. In addition, the ministry also considered complaints that Apple did not comply with some of the rules required by the developers in its own applications.

Apple also requires a “Sign in with Apple” option in applications that have a Google or Facebook sign in button. However, according to the developers who sued, this rule threatens to discourage users from redirecting Apple’s services to a competing platform. Even developers just because they don’t accept this rule They say they had to remove the Google and Facebook login options from their apps. All these claims about the company will be concluded as a result of a thorough research; ultimately, the US authorities will decide whether Apple is abusing competition. Apple spokesperson Fred Sainz did not comment on the antitrust investigation in question; however, Apple’s sign-in button offers a privacy-focused alternative he repeated. Sainz underlined that the company has jointly created guidelines with some developers and received positive feedback.

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