4 August 2021
Thodex earthquake: criminal reports started

Thodex earthquake: criminal reports started

breaking news related to Turkey’s crypto currency exchange Thodex talk to the locals coming in succession. While it was claimed that the CEO of the company went abroad and closed his Twitter account, the deletion of the posts on Instagram drew attention. The claim that a 10 million dollar bill was made started to be spoken on social media. On the other hand, criminal complaints are coming from the victims.

The company, which provides the trading service of crypto coins, stopped trading yesterday, and today made a statement claiming that the transactions were suspended for 4-5 days due to the investment of an international company. The company’s website contains only this announcement.

Criminal complaint for Thodex

In recent days, the crypto assets increased investment in Turkey. With the increase in investment, many companies started to mediate crypto money buying and selling transactions. Thodex users, one of these brokerage firms, expressed their complaints on social media. The incident brought to mind the ‘Çiftlik Bank’ scandal.

Lawyer Oğuz Evren Kılıç made a statement on the subject on Twitter. In the statement, “Koineks A.Ş., the owner of the #crypto # currency exchange named #Thodex. Company officials have filed a criminal complaint, a ban on going abroad and confiscation of company accounts has been requested ”.

In another post by Kılıç, “20.04.2021 17:57 Departure from Istanbul Airport.” used the expressions. This was interpreted as that the persons subject to the complaint may have fled abroad.

In addition, it was claimed that Faruk Fatih Özer, the founder and CEO of Thodex, closed his Twitter account and deleted all the posts on Instagram and he was also abroad.

Thodex is not the stock market, victims can seek their rights

On the other hand, MGC Legal Founding Partner Mustafa Güneş, who made a statement to Hürriyet newspaper, said that people who think they are victims can claim their rights and carry out enforcement proceedings regarding the institution.

Güneş “What we call the Stock Exchange are structures established by a special law in a narrow and technical sense and under the control of one or more of the higher boards of the public. Companies operating under the name of “stock market” in relation to cryptocurrencies are neither established by a law nor under the supervision of a supervisory board. In this sense, these companies that call themselves “stock market” cannot be legally qualified as “stock exchange”. At most, these companies can be considered as intermediaries in the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, and the activities of these companies are not prohibited, since trading in crypto money is not a prohibited activity. But this activity, which is not prohibited, is definitely not a “stock market” activity, “he said.

Thodex was also on the agenda with the increase of Dogecoin. Users who experienced high price volatility wanted to trade. However, Thodex did not allow transactions. It was alleged that yesterday a person went to the office accompanied by the police and the office was empty.

While Thodex closed the transactions yesterday, today it declared ‘investment and partnership’. He announced that 4-5 business days were required to complete the transfer and the transactions were stopped.

In recent days the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in the Official Gazette crypto related to money (CBT) has published regulations. In the regulation, the use of crypto assets directly or indirectly in payments is prohibited. It has been announced that the relevant regulation will enter into force on Friday, April 30, 2021.

According to the regulation, “Payment service providers cannot develop business models in a way that crypto assets are used directly or indirectly in the provision of payment services and electronic money issuance, and cannot provide any services related to such business models.” statement was included. In addition, “Payment and electronic money institutions cannot mediate to platforms that offer trading, custody, transfer or issuance services for crypto assets or transfers of funds from these platforms.” description took place.

In addition, the definition of the crypto asset with the regulation, “Intangible assets that are created virtually using distributed ledger technology or a similar technology and distributed over digital networks, but not qualified as fiat money, dematerialized money, electronic money, payment instrument, securities or other capital market instrument. expresses. ” It was explained in the form.

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