4 August 2021
Thodex emphasis in 10 questions!  - ShiftDelete.Net

Thodex emphasis in 10 questions! – ShiftDelete.Net

Turkey as a native crypto currency exchange company that identifies itself speaks the Thodex. The claim that a 2 billion dollar bill was made fell like a bomb on the agenda. The information that the CEO of the company has fled abroad, the prosecutor’s office initiates an investigation, COOKand the calls of the Istanbul Police Department’s Anti-Cyber ​​Crime teams and the statements made by the company were discussed throughout the day.

Can’t trade on Thodex stock exchange 391 bin The dimensions of the incident, which broke out after some investors expressed their reactions on social media, are not yet clear. As the breaking news comes in, question marks are also increasing.

We discussed all aspects of the Thodex emphasis in 10 questions:

10 Turkey’s biggest hit in the history question

1- What is Thodex? Cryptocurrency exchange or company?

Thodex, crypto mediating the trading currency of Turkey’s first global crypto currency began its operations, saying that exchange. By Faruk Fatih Özer in 2017 The company established under the name Koineks, The organization was Turkey’s fourth time by the crypto-currency exchange. company founded Turkey’s first Bitcoin ATM, and in 2020 became the first crypto-currency exchange market opened to global markets from Turkey.

Founded under the name of Koineks, the company entered the branding process again with the global opening process. changed its name to Thodex and introduced its new brand to its users in March 2020. First Thodex began serving in Turkey, was fourth crypto currency exchanges established in Turkey and also signed a policy on this issue by offering the members of 5 different kinds of crypto currency is established. By the year 2018, the company founded Turkey’s first Bitcoin ATM in Istanbul’s Nisantasi district. In 2019, the company increased the number of cryptocurrencies it offered to 18 and broke new ground in the sector again. By 2020, the brand announced that it opened globally by re-launching.

FinCEN received the license from the US globalizing with MSB Thodex, was Turkey’s first global licensed crypto currency exchange. Thodex, which set out with the aim of bringing crypto money users together on a single platform, now serves in 6 continents and more than 120 countries. As of November 2020, Thodex reached a total volume of 25 billion Turkish liras with an average of 177 transactions per month per user. All crypto crypto world currencies and money in the stock market as of January 2020 Coinmarketcap a platform for the evaluation of the overall assessment of Turkish lira 698 million daily global, with volume of 53, took place while # 2 in Turkey.

Who is Faruk Fatih Özer

2- How did Thodex work? Where was the investors’ money kept?

Thodex, like other cryptocurrency exchanges, continued to exist through trading and withdrawal transactions over fiat or cryptocurrency deposited by investors. If investors were kept in the money and assets suspected crypto coin purses and bank accounts in Turkey that Thodex is encrypted.

However, the company’s presence abroad and the status of its bank accounts are not yet clear.

3- How was the profite done? Why wasn’t it noticed?

It all started 5 days ago. Moreover, a post on Twitter signaled corruption. The company, which provides trading services for crypto coins, stopped all transactions two days ago. Rumors surfacing on the internet a new farm bank case While claiming that he will live; The statement from the company yesterday morning that an international company will invest in them, so They have suspended transactions for 4-5 days was expressing.

The company denied the allegations yesterday morning. But Developments and criminal complaint regarding Faruk Fatih Özer Thodexbrought the ‘to the agenda again. Özer’s hiding his presence on social media also fueled these allegations. The new details shared revealed that this emphasis was showing.

In Thodex, where neither its website nor its application can be accessed, nearly 400 thousand users started to apply for legal ways to seek the rights of crypto investors. The Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against the founder of Thodex, Faruk Fatih Özer, for qualified fraud today. Transactions made 5 days ago, on the other hand, revealed the allegations of profiteering.

On Saturday, April 17, it was determined that Thodex, which reached the highest transaction volume of the last 3-month period with an amount exceeding 1.3 billion dollars, made a half-billion dollar Dogecoin transaction on the same day. Thodex also sold these Dogecoins (DOGE) at about 30 percent below the market price of the day.

On April 17, when Dogedoin was at $ 0.30, sales for $ 0.20 for $ 489 million were made through Thodex. This situation, which happened just before Thodex stopped transactions for users on the stock exchange, was interpreted as the company started preparations for the escape.

In addition to all this, the money that Thodex gave to buy crypto money was not kept in users’ own wallets. This money was in the company’s wallet. Therefore, the system was open to abuse. It was previously on the agenda that the company offered excuses such as ‘there is a malfunction in the system’ for investors who want to switch to their own wallet. This made it easy to make clear profiteering.

Who is Faruk Fatih Özer?

4- Who is Faruk Fatih Özer, the founder of Thodex? Where is it now

Date of birth unknown Faruk Fatih Ozer‘in 27 years old is estimated to be. Cryptocurrency exchange for business Koineks Özer started with activities in various countries of the world.

Throughout his career e-commerce and with software technologies also interested in Faruk Fatih Ozer, 2017 in the year ThodexHe founded. also Koineks users of the company Faruk Fatih OzerAfter the establishment of Thodex, the newly established crypto currency exchange transition made.

Faruk Fatih Özer, frequently to attract investors to Thodex Porsche like an automobile expensive lotteries made. The biggest of these is the popular crypto currency of recent times. Dogecoin happened. Ozer, Thodex To those who use the crypto money exchange 20 million Dogecoin disperse After his announcement, a record number of new users joined the platform. After this campaign, Thodex, 391 thousand people has become a trading platform.

The exact whereabouts of Faruk Fatih Özer are currently unknown. It was also alleged that the CEO, who allegedly fled to Albania, according to police records, then fled to Thailand. Ozer and yet the company did not come to an explanation from him regarding his whereabouts, he returned to Turkey in a few days to share the Twitter account.

5- What explanations did the company make, will the money be returned?

One of the most used crypto money applications in our country and has recently been used by its users. 2 million Dogecoin The company, which announced that it will distribute, attracted attention in a short time. The crisis in the Thodex stock market has prompted users’ reactions. Some users Twitter’da In the post he shared, he claimed that he went to the company building with the police.

20 Nisan’da “Due to the shooting problems in our stock exchange recently, scheduled maintenance work will be carried out as of 20.04.2021 and the work will take about 6 hours. After our maintenance work, we will be at your service again, with all problems corrected. ” Behind his statement came a new statement today.

According to the statement, Thodex company, which broke its silence regarding the allegations, published a long statement on its Twitter account with the “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT” note.

“The need to inform the public and Dear users who use our Thodex Platform has arisen regarding the period we have lived.”

“First of all I want to indicate; publicly, my company is Koineks Teknolojileri A. Ş. and many of the claims made about the Thodex platform it owns are unfounded. “

“Thodex platform, where nearly 700 thousand users have been trading, has not victimized anyone so far and will not henceforth.”

“While our company technical team conducts this research, I personally want to make final meetings with foreign investors. 19.04.2021 I have been abroad on the date of. “

6- Could the Thodex CEO have smuggled the money abroad?

It is not possible to give a clear answer to this question. The answer to this is expected to come as a result of the findings of the trial and cybercrime team. MASAK company’s accounts were confiscated in Turkey but it really envision keeping the money if the emphasis in Turkey.

7- What is the financial extent of the highlight?

According to the allegations made, a two-billion dollar bill was made in the incident. However, an investment in these amounts when considering the size of the crypto-currency market in Turkey is not likely to be collected in a single company. hundreds of millions of dollars that the case be less than the amount that is being expressed even when faced with the biggest hit in the history of Turkey Cumhuriyet.

8- Does the case give results? How will the legal process work?

The first to file a criminal complaint on the subject Attorney Oguz Evren Kilic, ShiftDelete.Net’e striking explanations made. Kılıç claimed that he went abroad for Thodex CEO Faruk Fatih Özer. He stated that this was detected by the police. Kılıç also shared the date and time.

To the Thodex CEO Faruk Fatih Özer 20 April 2021 at 17:57Kılıç, who claimed that he left Istanbul Airport in Istanbul, applied to the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and asked the company officials and the company’s bank accounts to be seized precautionary and said that they wanted a ban on leaving the country.

Hunting. Here is a part from Oğuz Evren Kılıç’s statement:

“Today, upon the application and request of our clients, Koineks A.Ş. We filed a criminal complaint with the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office about its partners and officials, and conveyed our request for the seizure of the receivables, assets and accounts of Koineks A.Ş. We have started the legal process regarding the issue. We will also apply for other legal remedies necessary for the collection of our clients’ rights and receivables as soon as possible. “

Turkey has set the date for crypto currency

9- regulations relating to money markets in Turkey crypto enough?

As you may remember, the Central Bank has taken an important step in the past few days. Accordingly, the CBRT banned the general equivalent function of cryptocurrencies. Afterwards, Cemil Ertem, Chief Advisor to the Presidency and a member of the Economic Policies Board, stated that new regulations will be made on the use of cryptocurrencies and that the relevant units are working for the necessary preparations.

The result Thodex civic events in the criminal complaint about the topic Attorney Oğuz Kılıç, the following was said about the crypto-currency market in Turkey;

“What the regulation of crypto-currency market in Turkey for many years until it was important they should have to publicly express the public authorities before. Crypto coins offer great technological possibilities and a new economic order. However, many negative events are happening due to the fact that this area is not controlled and controlled by legal regulations. I think the state should adopt the ‘Digital Presence Law’ in this regard. Based on this law, the crypto money market should be audited just like other markets, opening a crypto currency exchange and the business should definitely be brought under control with licensing and guarantees. “

crypto currency market related legal loopholes still exist in Turkey. Although a few steps have been taken on the subject, there are still many questions to be answered.

10- Why is the Çiftlikbank analogy made?

The Thodex incident, which has promised people a high income as a result of investments in the past years, livestock industry It is compared to Çiftlik Bank showing the real investments made. The reason for this is that Thodex, just like Çiftlikbank, first became the focus of attention of users with advertising campaigns, and then it is shown to make a profiteering.

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