6 August 2021
Thodex posts on Twitter: What's going on?

Thodex posts on Twitter: What’s going on?

Turkey’s first global crypto money in the stock market Thodex Breaking news about it continues to come repeatedly. CEO of the company Faruk Fatih OzerWhile the whereabouts of is still unknown, He closes his Twitter account turning off Delete all Instagram posts drew attention. The claim of profiteering became the agenda on the social media platform Twitter.

The company, which provides trading services for crypto coins, stopped all transactions yesterday. Rumors surfacing on the internet a new farm bank case While claiming that he will live; The statement from the company this morning is that an international company will invest in them, so They have suspended transactions for 4-5 days was expressing.

The company denied the allegations in the morning. But Developments and criminal complaint regarding Faruk Fatih Özer Thodexbrought the ‘to the agenda again. Özer’s hiding his presence on social media also fueled these allegations.

Thodex posts on Twitter

Crypto currency exchange Thodex, Twitter sat on the agenda. As the allegations started to come back one after the other, many users expressed their disappointment on the social media platform.

Thodex company shares that he sold the Dogecoins he had while taking a screenshot; also received from the company e-mail also drew attention. We have compiled the prominent posts about Thodex on social media from the evening:

But what are your views on the Thodex claims? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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