23 July 2021
Thousands of PlayStation games will disappear soon

Thousands of PlayStation games will disappear soon

Three legendary game consoles of an era are coming soon PlayStation Store will be permanently removed from its stores. On Sony official support page PS3, PSP and PS Vita announced the closing dates for.

According to the statement made by Sony PlayStation 3 and PSP consoles July 2 will lose access to the online store on. PS Vita if 27 Augwill end support in. Until this date, players will be able to continue purchasing games on the PS Store. But at the end of the summer, thousands of games will say goodbye to PlayStation.

2 thousand 200 games will bid farewell to the world of PlayStation

VGCAccording to the reports prepared by Sony With the three game consoles it will say goodbye to this summer, it will unplug approximately 2,200 digital games. Of these 630 one of them PS Vita while your game; 336 piece PS2 Classic, 730 tane de PlayStation 3 his game will be shelved. A small number of PSP production will bid farewell to the actors.

PlayStation ecosystems Most of the games that will part ways with will be available on other platforms. But thanks to Microsoft’s backward compatibility XboxIt will become special to you. Among these productions Beyond Good & Evil HD, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light There are popular productions such as.

Beyond Good & Evil HD

More than 2 thousand games are parting their way with the PlayStation ecosystem.

Listed according to reports 120 games will disappear completely. It will not be available on any other platform. The prominent names from these productions are:

– Infamous: Festival of Blood
– Echochrome II
– Lumines Supernova
– The Last Guy
– Rain
– Trash Panic
– Pain
– PixelJunk Racers
– Tokyo Jungle
– TxK
– MotorStorm RC

Infamous: Festival of Blood

120 games will disappear completely soon.

It annoys some users that Sony is giving up backward compatibility. However, many games will continue to live on memory cards for a while. Most copies will inevitably be deleted in the future. On the other hand, broadcasters may also go on the way to bring their very popular projects to future consoles. Of course, time will tell.

so you PSP, PS Vita and PlayStation 3 What do you think of these thousands of games that will bid farewell to their devices? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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