14 April 2021
TikTok banned for the second time in Pakistan

TikTok banned for the second time in Pakistan

One of the popular applications of recent times TikTok, As it contains objectionable content Pakistan once again banned. This is also ByteDance owned platform October in the month of 10 days means banned for the second time after shutdown.

TikTok has been a victim of the ban before

Last fall TikTok, for including ‘immoral and’ inappropriate ‘videos Pakistan was prohibited. But the company Pakistan After a week and a half, the app was reactivated when he assured his government that the videos would be monitored in accordance with social norms and Pakistani law.

Tiktok-banned-for-a-second-time in Pakistan

Now Peshawar a high court in the city of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, the government’s telecommunications regulator, the application, which has millions of users in the country (PTA) ordered the ban for the rules to be followed. In the verdict, “Peshawar In order to respectfully comply with the orders of the Supreme Court, PTA to service providers TikTok has instructed them to immediately disable access to the application ”.

on the other hand TikTok’un It is not entirely clear why its legality in Pakistan is being questioned and whether any videos or trends in the app caused it. Al Jazeera According to the report, the company claims that it contains unacceptable content for the society. Peshawar President of the Supreme Court Qaiser Rashid Khan’dan He complained.

TikTok If the front is The Verge’ye he made in the statement, “TikTok, It is built on the foundation of creative expression, with strong measures to keep inappropriate content off the platform. Pakistan We’ve grown our local language audit team and your community guidelines remove infringing content We have the necessary mechanisms for Pakistan We hope to serve the millions of users and content creators who find homes for creativity and entertainment.

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