28 July 2021
TikTok has been sued in the UK for data breach!

TikTok has been sued in the UK for data breach!

One of the most popular social media apps in the world TikTok against Illegal processing of information by children in the UK A lawsuit was filed on the grounds. If the lawsuit is successful, the company is expected to incur billions of pounds in losses.

TikTok faces a privacy case

Old of england Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield OBE UK and European Union versus popular video app and parent company ByteDance intentionally violated data protection law They started a legal process on the grounds that they announced.

Lawyers, TikTok’s personal information of children of laws required without permissions claimed that it did. Phone numbers, videos, location information, biometric data He stated that he stored it without notifying the user and without his approval.


TikTok sued for privacy of child data in UK

Anne Longfield OBE, law firm Scott + Scott started a joint study with. Illegally TikTok’s information of millions of children stop working OBE stated that it is fighting on behalf of children and parents. OBE emphasized that it requested that all data belonging to younger users be deleted from the TikTok application.

TikTok’s response to the allegations was quick. Company, that they attach great importance to privacy stated. Speaking about the steps taken to protect its users, TikTok officials said:

“Privacy and security for TikTok among the priorities takes place. We have robust policies, processes and technologies to help protect all users, and especially our young users. ”

As a result of the lawsuit, TikTok had thousands of pounds per child be sentenced to compensation Waiting. Plaintiffs are in the UK only More than 3.5 million children estimates that he was affected. TikTok’s pecuniary damage in case of successful outcome of the case billions of pounds may be.

ABD’de By the Federal Trade Commission in 2019 TikTok’a For illegally collecting information from minors 5.7 million dollars fined. A similar penalty in 2020 South Koreahad come from.

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