30 July 2021
TikTok launches its new feature

TikTok launches its new feature

Among the most popular apps TikTok announced a new feature. Especially deaf Automatic subtitles, which are thought to help users, have been introduced.

Automatic subtitles When turned on, viewers will be able to see the video’s speech in text. So any user can read subtitles when they have difficulty listening. For now, auto captioning feature English and Japanese supports. However, TikTok also announced that it will add more languages ​​to the list in the coming months.

TikTok announces the captioning feature to help the hearing impaired

Automatic subtitles To access, users will be able to go to the subtitle option on the edit page and see the auto-added subtitle text right after they finish uploading or recording the video. Also before the video is shared Can edit the text or they can recreate the texts themselves.

Although TikTok offers the feature for accessibility purposes only; automatic subtitles too TikTok’u It is also a very attractive option for users who want to watch without sound.


Subtitles will also be useful for users who have difficulty understanding spoken language.

TikTokis inspired by other content platforms in the past that have offered subtitles option by adding text to videos. Also, the automatic caption tool has the ability to turn users on and off whenever they want.

The automatic captioning feature is not the only feature Tiktok has announced for disabled users. The company has conducted the same studies for light sensitive (epilepsy) users in the past months.

The managers of the Chinese entertainment app are still improving and coming to the fore with their work on this issue. Announces cooperation with The Deaf Collective.

TikTok has brought success to many music lovers

In recent months TikTok, it hosted some of the success stories that will attract attention in the music industry. For example, a name named Nathan Evans in the application user, 19th century of the New Zealand region The Wellerman big with piece named viral seized the opportunity and also signed a deal with a record label. Later, he got the opportunity to make an album for himself.

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