5 August 2021
TikTok will pay $ 92 million for privacy breach

TikTok will pay $ 92 million for privacy breach

Social media platform TikTok, involving allegations that the app collects highly sensitive personal data to track users and direct them to advertisements violation of privacy to get out of your case 92 million dollars agreed to pay. ByteDance Although he denied the allegations, he said they agreed to pay because they did not want to waste time on the case.

TikTok did not accept allegations of privacy breach

One TikTok In the statement made by his spokesperson, “Although we do not agree with the allegations, instead of going through lengthy trials, we TikTok “We want to focus on creating a safe and enjoyable experience for the community.” The agreement in question was proposed against the company. tam 21 while gathering the community cause in one place, TikTok their ethnicity, gender and determine ages for where users analyze their faces claims, due to the transfer of private data Computer Fraud and Of the Abuse Act It leaves it with important accusations such as violations.

The lawsuit will involve almost everyone using the application in the US. TikTok As part of the agreement, it will avoid various behaviors that may jeopardize user privacy, unless it specifically explains these behaviors in the privacy policy. Among these behaviors biometric storage of information, GPS or collecting dashboard data and sending data of US users outside the country.


It is unclear whether the company will make any changes in its privacy policy due to these behaviors. For TikTok He avoids commenting on the subject at this stage. With a similar situation 2019 The company that encountered in the year, Musical.ly’nin for allegedly failing to obtain parental consent for young users 5.7 million to the Federal Trade Commission had paid dollars.

Source: The Verge

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