18 April 2021
TikTok's place rival YouTube Shorts launched

TikTok’s place rival YouTube Shorts launched

TikTok’un The success he achieved in a short time attracted the attention of other social media companies. Google and Facebook companies like, TikTok’a He started to work to be a competitor. First for Instagram a while ago Reels Facebook, which introduced its feature, became the first company to take the first step in this field. Now too Google, It offered a feature that it announced a while ago to its users. Until recently, it was in beta phase YouTube Shorts, was offered to users.

YouTube will rival TikTok with its Shorts feature

TikTok’un Aware of its growing popularity Google, wanted to prevent this situation. The biggest weapon for this YouTube’u using the company, added a new feature to the mobile version of the application. Youtube Shorts This feature, called user-created content YouTube allows it to post in. Is mobile oriented Shorts, shows videos in a vertical stream. For now ABD’de made available Shorts’un, It is expected to be available globally in a short time.

Shorts videos are in beta 3.5 billion It was quite successful by getting views. The really curious part is what the full version will bring. High number of active users YouTube, Shorts with the feature TikTok’un will be his biggest rival.

Youtube shorts

Growing pretty fast TikTok, Shortly before 1 billion reached the user. Especially the application 2014 Considering that it was launched in, YouTube’s We can say that the job is quite difficult. Firstly Musical.ly as the application that entered our lives, then the application we know today TikTok It got its name.

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