1 August 2021
Tim Cook spoke about the Facebook crisis: I'm not interested

Tim Cook spoke about the Facebook crisis: I’m not interested

Apple CEO’s Tim Cook, this week journalist Kara Swisher’ın He was the guest of a remote interview. Duo, now famous from the App Store policy “Tim Apple” He discussed the varying topics until the event. Swisher a TweetAccording to the interview, Apple’s right-wing social app from the App Store in January TalkIt covers a range of issues, including the decision to pull off.

As you remember, the application is “Planning, coordinating and facilitating” as well as the Apple market as it is used to assist Google Play Store and Amazon It had been eliminated by its servers as well.

Users now prefer more privacy

Tim Cook also notes the user privacy protections coming to iOS, which requires developers to obtain permission before tracking a user’s device ad identifier. Application Tracking Transparency also spoke about.

Many users now prefer more privacy, which is potentially heavily reliant on ad targeting. Facebook It is viewed negatively by companies such as.

Considered ATT’s most outspoken critic Facebook sees this movement as an attack on his own business. If cook Swisher He explained this issue in his interview with;

Apple Tim Cook

Swisher sordu: “What is your response to Facebook’s response – quite violent – that calls you an existential crisis in their business?”

Cook replied: “All we do is give the user the right to decide whether to be followed or not. And I guess it’s hard to argue against that. ”

Swisher Kara; “What impact can ATT have on Facebook?”

Cook, “Yes, Kara, I’m not focusing on Facebook. That’s why I don’t know “ said.

The New York Times podcast of Cook’s virtual session next Monday “SwayLet us state that it will be published in. The show is hosted by Swisher and regularly features high profile actors in technology, politics, entertainment and other fields.

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