4 August 2021
tOGGer the first prize to Turkey - shiftdelete.net

tOGGer the first prize to Turkey – shiftdelete.net

Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG), diF Design Awards in 2021 of he world’s most prestigious design awards (iF Design Award 2021) from Turkey mobility It became the first brand to win in its field.

TOGG ve Pininfarina The TOGG C-SUV, designed by design teams for 150 thousand hours of work and with the guidance of Murat Günak, registered in 27 EU countries and China, Japan and Russia, “Professional Concept” It was awarded in the category.

TOGG managed to attract attention with its design and features.

iF Design on the website TOGG He used the following statements in the article he shared about: “TOGG C SUV conceptHas a state-of-the-art connected platform that will be a solution for the Turkish mobility system. fully electric is an automobile. Large internal battery, safety features and advanced driving assistance system While providing a comfortable ride to its user; to the user with the smart home, smart city or anything connected to the system; keeps you connected at all times. Zero emission and Fast charge in less than 30 minutes with 500 kilometers over; with range target Turkey’s first indigenous eco-friendly approach happened. All these features From Anatolian heritage inspired and shaped with a modern and prestigious design. “

Developments for TOGG so far

To TOGG so far reverse migration participating with 23 people happened. Domestic automotive manufacturer TOGG; The last name he transferred to the team in this direction is the world famous designer Murat Gunak happened.

Cooperating with TOGG Farasisenergy density 330 Wh/kgmore than; developed and successfully approved the next generation EV battery cells. Farasis, the range of electric cars thanks to 4th generation battery cell technology 25 percent has increased. also 80 percentcharging time up to 20 minutesIt is lowering under. If the battery life 1 million kmIt was stated that it was above.


TOGG-General Directorate of Meteorology within the scope of joint work TOGG, It will inform the driver with instant meteorology data and artificial intelligence The vehicle will optimize its energy consumption.

75 percent including the agreement with Turkey providing TOGG 104 suppliers; suppliers from the electronics and defense industry to the mobility ecosystem included. For the mobility ecosystem, the team met with 200 entrepreneurs, 85 percent of whom were domestic; 50 entrepreneurs and started working with 9 entrepreneurs.

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