30 July 2021
Tom Holland worries about Uncharted performance

Tom Holland worries about Uncharted performance

Famous Uncharted as the lead role in the film adaptation of the series Nathan Drake revive your character Tom Holland, Drake’i He expressed that he was worried about reviving, albeit a little. Holland Stating that he has not yet watched the finished version of the movie, he also mentioned that he may have made important mistakes.

Tom Holland obsessed with his appearance in the movie Uncharted

Magazine magazine GQ’ya given by in the interview young actress, Uncharted He said he was worried that his performance in his movie would be affected by his anxieties about his appearance. Holland, “There were some things that affected my performance in the movie. It was simply like I was under a spell. Since I want to look like a very good action hero, I have to play ‘the toughest guy by myself, just like Mark Wahlberg “I said like” he used expressions.


On the other hand, he stated that he learned important lessons from the movie. Holland, He noted that the important thing is that I leave a mark on the stage, and that he understands that it is not a point to go through the stage to show the bulging biceps. The young actor who talks about such actions as a mistake, “Probably I’ll never do this kind of thing again” said.

The long-awaited action adventure movie, the main protagonist in the video game of the same name Nathan Drake’in will convey his story to the big screen. In the movie where Tom Holland will portray Drake, Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan also to your character Mark Wahlberg it gives life. Among the supporting players, Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali and Tati Gabrielle such names are included. The film was finished in October. coronavirus was delayed due to The movie, which is expected to be released on July 8, 2021 for the first time, is the new vision date, February 11, 2022 happened.

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