4 August 2021
Top 5 mobile games like Tekken 3

Top 5 mobile games like Tekken 3

Featuring characters with unique abilities Tekken 3 The game is one of the productions that have thrown our hearts. The game that we can describe as the ancestor of fighting games In 1997 was launched. It took its place among the best fighting games of the time compared to the games of that period.

Since Tekken 3 game is not on mobile platform, players want to get their enthusiasm for fighting games by researching similar productions. We take this into consideration for you. Top 5 mobile games like Tekken 3 we compiled. Here is the list:

5 alternative game suggestions for Tekken fans

1 – MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game!


MORTAL KOMBAT mobile game is among the most played mobile games.

Mortal Kombat The intense matches in the game definitely remind the players of Tekken 3. Players can enter brutal and bloody 3v3 matches after creating their own fighting teams. He also sends characters on epic missions and earns special rewards if they succeed. Over 50 million downloads MK, Google Play Store‘gives 4.2 stars took.

For Android from here You can download it.

2 – Terra Fighter 2: Fighting Games

Terra Fighter 2

Terra Fighter 2 It is a large-scale game in which players can duel with a variety of fighters. Players can unlock a total of 16 opponents with various karate skills. He can obtain the weapons necessary to defeat the opponents from the matches he wins. He can also upgrade his weapons to deal more damage.

To download the game here Click.

3 – Final Fighter

Final Fighter

Final Fighter It is definitely the kind of game that will bring nostalgia to Tekken 3 fans. It has graphics and sound effects that deserve the appreciation of the players. Players can unlock more characters as their levels rise. Of the fighting game Google Play Store‘gives 4.5 stars has a score.

To download the game Final Fighter here Click.

4 – Shadow Fight 3: RPG fighting game

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is one of the productions that brings a new breath to the fighting game category on the mobile platform.

Shadow Fight serisi It is a fighting game that has gained fame on the mobile platform. Players can experiment with different fighting styles to create their own unique styles. SF3 offers players the option to be a ninja, knight or samurai. Players can change the color of their equipment and outfits using the various skins that the game offers.

To download the game here Click.

5 – Kung fu karate new fighting games: Offline games

Kung fu karate

Kung fu karate It includes martial arts similar to Tekken 3 in its gameplay. Each of the rivals you encounter comes up with unique skill sets. There are both single player and multiplayer modes in the game. Karate game, Google Play Store‘gives More than 10 million downloaded by the player.

To download the kung fu karate game here Click.

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