23 July 2021
Toshiba received an offer of $ 20 billion!

Toshiba received an offer of $ 20 billion!

Japanese tech company Toshiba from a major British private equity fund It received approximately $ 20 billion (£ 14.5 billion) worth of purchase offers. Toshiba transactions on the Tokyo Stock Exchange were temporarily suspended following the UK-based CVC Capital Partners offer. CVC, which makes very serious purchases in the Asian market, is a company worth approximately 75 billion dollars.

The Japan-based conglomerate has used fake accounts and ABD It has been at the center of a series of scandals, including major losses associated with its nuclear unit. Providing serious profits in order to compensate for large losses had to withdraw from the chip industry and sold its factories.

Toshiba was on its way to shut down

Toshiba, which has made many firsts in the laptop sector and is mentioned with the strongest of the market, it also stopped the production of laptop computers in the past years. With the CVC agreement, all these negativities are expected to reverse.

JapanIt is clear that recently, large technology companies have not been able to fascinate, but on the contrary, many of them are faced with downsizing and shutdowns. Toshiba’s CEO and president, Nobuaki Kurumatani, today confirmed the proposal of its new employer, CVC Capital Partners, and “We will discuss this at a board meeting,” he said.

Toshiba is one of Japan’s oldest and largest companies, ranging from home electronics to nuclear power plants. But in recent years, it has also made serious scandals. One of them is the company’s for six yearsâIt was an accounting scandal in 2015, where he confessed to exaggerating his business. With this confession, Japan’s corporate world was shocked and their trust in Toshiba was shaken.

The company was on the verge of bankruptcy and had to sell various jewelry businesses in order not to be removed from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Toshiba was under pressure from major overseas shareholders for greater transparency and better management, and as a result had to consider CVC Capital Partners’ offer.

CVC; Wants to grow up in japanif things go in the desired direction Toshibato focus on renewable energy as well as other core businesses.

It is anticipated that things will pick up for Toshiba once it is acquired by CVC Capital Partners. Reprocessed on the Asian stock exchange Its shares have already appreciated by 1.4%.

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