4 August 2021
Bring it was Turkey's second unicorn!

Tradesmen in the neighborhood are covered by Getir

Providing service in our country and becoming a unicorn with an investment recently received, Getir announced its new service. The application that has offered Getir Yemek and Getir Big services, apart from standard grocery shopping, to date, Bring Bazaarannounced.

With this service, depending on your location greengrocer and butcher as Opportunity to shop from businesses will be offered.

With Getir Bazaar, you can shop from tradesmen

Consumers have moved away from the classic artisan shopping culture due to the coronavirus. When most of the big grocery chains started the home order period due to the pandemic, the situation of the tradesmen was also affected.

Providing online market ordering service, Getir will bring the neighborhood culture to homes with Getir Bazaar, which it will start to serve in Istanbul as of today. Getir Çarşı, which will initially serve with a team of 300 people, will serve in other provinces and abroad in time.

At the beginning of the service, no commission will be charged from the tradesmen who have their own courier until June 30, 2021. Rates will be determined after this date.

How did you find that Getir brought shopping from shopkeepers to homes during the pandemic process? Are you considering using this service? Indicate in the comments.

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