28 July 2021
Trendyol, Turkey became the most valuable company

Trendyol, Turkey became the most valuable company

When it comes to e-commerce in our country, one of the first names that comes to mind is undoubtedly. Trendyol is happening. the site is one of Turkey’s largest trading platform, especially breaking record upon record pandemic period.

Chinese From Alibaba Group The local e-commerce site, which received a new investment, almost made a splash with the value it reached. From Webrazzi Arda Kutsal’s to your news According Trendyol was Turkey’s most valuable company.

Trendyol tripled its value in one year

According to the latest information, Alibaba‘and 330 million The shopping platform, which received a new dollar investment, 11 billion brought out to dollars. Calendars when the two companies first announced their partnership 2018′i was showing. That was worth a billion dollars then Trendyol, its valuation in two years 3.75 billion managed to raise it to dollars. Having experienced a record rise with the pandemic, the company tripled its value just one year later, 11 billion reached dollars.

Of course, this money does not come for free. In every investment made Alibaba, It obtains a certain share from the domestic e-commerce site. The latest 330 million dollars earned the Chinese company a 3 percent stake. After the last change Alibaba’s at Trendyol percentage of total shares 86.50rose to. The remaining shares are shared by the founding partners of the company. Bunch Happy percent 6.96, Evren Üçok percent 5.55, Begum Tekin percent 0.78 and Clever Strong Rock percent of the company 0.21’ine owner.

The pandemic worked

Trendyol The main reason for his recent rise is Covid-19. Contrary to what was expected, people shut down due to the pandemic spent their money on shopping instead of holding. According to the reports announced, the company in 2020 347 million units sold. This means almost 1 million products per day. The platform has almost one hundred thousand businesses and more than one million individual sellers.

Not content with just e-commerce Trendyol, It plans to keep profitability at maximum by entering alternative sectors. Company, Bring and Banabi’nin Following its success, it also entered the food industry. It also helped users meet their food needs from the fast grocery and food section. He also took a hand in the second hand sector. Here, users can earn income by selling second-hand items they own.

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