21 April 2021
Triumph TE1 inspired by Formula E

Triumph TE1 inspired by Formula E

In 2019 Triumph and Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) The partnership to build electric motorcycles has paid off. As a result of the joint work of two companies, Triumph TE1 It is among the newest initiatives in the European automotive industry. Motorcycle is also basically Formula E technology inspires itself.

Triumph TE1 will push the limits of battery performance

The partnership between the two companies in 2019 to develop a true British electric motorcycle is funded mainly by the British government. Two years old AR-GE For the motorcycle project, which is the result of his work, studies were carried out with important geniuses in the European automotive industry. Indicating that they spend a lot of time on the battery system WAE Senior Commercial Manager Dyrr Adash, “He also tried to push the limits of battery performance by balancing cell design for acceleration and range. “We also had to push our limits to the limit in order to reduce the mass and optimize the position in the frame to take advantage of usage.”


TE1 behind the battery pack, battery management unit and vehicle control unit of the prototype Williams Advanced Engineering has a team. From full charge to zero 360 volt Offering unmatched energy density, the motor also 15 kWh’lik It contains a battery. This allows the motorcycle to provide exciting acceleration in every charge situation. Williams, one of the founding partners of Formula E, 2014 with 2018 in the process between all Formula E it was the sole supplier of the grids and battery systems of its vehicles.

Triumph Chief Product Officer Steve Sargent about the project “This is totally Triumph’un It’s about developing a platform for their future electric motorcycle. At the same time, as the company promises to offer a complete range of electric bicycles in its portfolio TE1’in first and last electric Triumph also means that it is not “used expressions.

As firm prototype 1994 produced in Triumph Speed And Speed ​​Triple Streetfighter riding style motorcycles. The company thinks that this will not only look great, but also create an incredible electrical effect.

on the other hand The UK-based Integral Powertrain is also silicon carbide, integrated into a single compact engine housing. invertörlü developed a high density electric motor. While the electric motor is only 10 kg, the highest output is 174 horsepower. However, Battery pack of WAE to 228 horsepower can hold up and 20 from scratch in under a minute to 80 percent can be charged up.

Source: SlashGear

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