23 July 2021
Turkcell pressed the button;  Superonline will be offered to the public

Turkcell pressed the button; Superonline will be offered to the public

When Turkcell is mentioned Gsm carrier The company has many sub-business areas. The biggest of these, the internet service provider, Superonline, is preparing to appear with a surprise for the public offering.

We say we are getting ready, because there is no official statement by the company yet. But According to sources speaking to Bloomberg The company has started negotiations with banks.

Superonline IPO claims have an effect on sentiment

It was stated that negotiations with local and international banks have begun to measure Turkcell Superonline’s interest in the public offering, and that the process is not defined as it is special. If investor demand is deemed insufficient Turkcell IPO may be postponed told.

After the emergence of this development. stocks fell 2.8 percent earlier in the day. However, the situation quickly reversed and an increase of 1.2 percent was observed.

If the process completes successfully Superonline It will be the first affiliate of Turkcell, which is currently a public company, to be traded on the stock exchange. Superonline will also be the first name to go public among local companies whose sole job is to provide internet services.

Turkcell Chief Executive Officer Murat Erkan hasn’t been active on Medium yet. The company’s management and shareholders, Superonline, tower operator Global Tower and that they were discussing the possibility of the divestiture of shares in various units, including payment services company Paycell, by block sale or IPO.

Last year, Superonline achieved double-digit growth in income and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and depreciation, and a significant increase in Borsa Istanbul.

According to the investor presentation on Turkcell’s website, turnover is in 2020 5.54 billion lira (680 million dollars) Ebitda increased by 20% compared to the previous year and reached 2.9 billion liras.

Turkey’s largest operator company, the fate of which is Turkcell’s internet superonline feet will become final in the coming days.

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