30 July 2021
Turkey MediaMarkt, 2021 also does not take his foot from the gas!

Turkey MediaMarkt, 2021 also does not take his foot from the gas!

Pandemic despite undergoing high-performance MediaMarkt Turkey last year, with a record close of the year. The brand, which grew by 45 percent in the total fiscal year 2020, increased its digital sales by 400 percent and its Call Center sales by 30 times. The last 3 months of the year reached the highest market share MediaMarkt Turkey, shops and up to 2 times the population of Turkey in mediamarkt.com.tr visitors entertained.

mediamarktsaturn Retail Group COO and Chief Executive MediaMarkt Turkey Yenal I Gökyıld: “We are the fastest growing country in the successful performance we showed our group in Turkey. We rely too much on Turkey and we will continue to invest in this direction. In 2021, with an investment of 100 million TL, we will enter 4 new cities and open 10 more stores and continue to serve with 90 stores and mediamarkt.com.tr in 31 provinces. “ said.

MediaMarkt Turkey closed the record in 2020

MediaMarkt Turkey, despite the pandemic continued its uninterrupted growth in 2020 and broke records in many areas. The brand, which increased its digital sales four times and increased the total number of stores to 80 with 3 new stores opened during the pandemic, will not slow down in its investments in 2021.

mediamarktsaturn Retail Group COO and Chief Executive MediaMarkt Turkey Yenal I Gökyıld“We managed to grow our business with firm steps without deviating from our goal of leadership by far, while strengthening our muscles in our physical stores, we did not separate our digital investments and our multi-channel customer-focused transformation project from this development.

As a result, we have grown above the total market growth this year, as in the past four years, our digital sales increased by 400 percent and our Call Center sales increased 30 times in the total fiscal year 2020 (September 2019-October 2020). mediamarkt.com.tr our stores in Turkey and we welcomed visitors up to 2 times the population. Turkey, mediamarktsaturn countries in both digital and sale of the Group’s total sales ranking was the fastest growing country. ” said.

Turkey came forward with performance

Stating that MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group achieved a successful sales chart by meeting the strong customer demand that occurred during the pandemic period, gökıldırım said, “When we look at the latest figures announced by CECONOMY AG, the major shareholder of our company, although our stores have been closed for a long time in many countries in the pandemic, a total of 20.8 billion Euros at the end of the 2020 fiscal year. We managed to achieve a turnover of 10%.

He was brought to the head of 9 countries

Turkey’s successful projects and stressed that I Gökyıld be closely monitored by the Group’s headquarters, “Our employees and our business processes behind our success in Turkey, we have directed all our stakeholders, especially our shareholders. Blessed to me that last August Since mediamarktsaturn Retail Group COO / Operations of the Management Board responsible for 9 countries together with Turkey as a Member (Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and Portugal) I was responsible for the operation. I believe that we will increase this success exponentially in other countries. ” said.

Our omnichannel strategy increased turnover by an extra 20%

Highlighting the importance of customer-oriented transformation and multi-channel strategy at this point, gökıldırım said: “Our constant priority is customer satisfaction. Our ‘Multi-Channel’ strategy also supports this vision. With a strong store and strong e-commerce, our consumers have the best experience at MediaMarkt, regardless of location, time or channel. We see this from our customer net recommendation scores, which we increase exponentially every year.

Moreover, we focus on whatever the customer needs of the period are. For example, during the pandemic period, we implemented the “shipment from the store” where we send our products to our consumers from the nearest store without stopping the stock and shipment time barriers. Now the order of shoppers mediamarkt.com.tr technology fans can meet all of our stores in Turkey. In this way, we reach our customers even faster.

With this sales channel we started during the pandemic process, we achieved an extra 20 percent turnover triggered by digital. In addition to this, thanks to our online buy-pick-up service, which has been around for years and has experienced a great rise during the pandemic period, our consumers buy products from our digital remaining; They were able to take delivery from the store easily and quickly without waiting in line and cargo. Today, one out of every 5 people shopping on mediamarkt.com.tr receives their product from our stores. “

Continue to invest in 2021

Stating that they will not slow down in investment in 2021, Yenal Gökıldırım said, “We will focus on issues such as increasing our customer satisfaction, leadership in categories, expanding our store network, increasing our multi-channel efficiency and improving service service. We will continue to grow and improve our understanding of providing perfect service to our customers in 2021, as we have done so far.

Over 200 thousand square meters of total area in Turkey’s largest brand in the industry and therefore the importance of it, we saw once again the pandemic period. For this reason, we will continue to open stores this year. In 2021, we will enter 4 new cities and open 10 new stores and continue to serve with 90 stores and mediamarkt.com.tr in 31 provinces. Thus, with an investment of 100 million TL, we will provide employment to approximately 500 people. “

The year 2020 for MediaMarkt in numbers

  • In the last three months of 2020 it reached its highest market share in Turkey.
  • Total sales increased by 45 percent, including the period when the stores were closed due to quarantine.
  • Average basket amount in 2020 increased by 66% compared to 2019.
  • Digital sales increased by 400 percent throughout the year, and mediamarkt.com.tr grew up to 7 times when the stores were closed.
  • In 2020, the budget allocated for the digital side increased by 139 percent compared to 2019.
  • Turkey hosted two visitors MediaMarkt stores and mediamarkt.com.tr times the population of Turkey in 2020.

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