28 July 2021
Turkey releases for new investment from Huawei

Turkey releases for new investment from Huawei

Huawei Turkey Conference Partners took place last week. Company executives at an online half-day event, Huawei Turkey R & D CenterHe said that approximately 700 engineers and researchers are working on new products in Turkey. Company spokespersons announced that they will continue to contribute to the informatics ecosystem in our country by increasing the qualified workforce here.

Huawei Turkey General Manager Li Jing He emphasized the importance of creating a healthy cooperation ecosystem by conveying his thanks to its business partners and suppliers. The company exchanged ideas with the participants and answered their questions.

Huawei grew 3.8 percent in 2020

The event’s opening speech microphone field, Huawei Turkey General Manager Jing Li, announced that the company has continued to grow even during the pandemic. Huawei’s 2020 sales revenue, according to data shared by Li For $ 136.7 billion reached. Thus, on an annual basis, the company 3.8 percent grew at the rate. At the same time company executives said that Turkey also contributed to this growth.

Huawei Turkey

Huawei will continue to invest in Turkey

Jing Lu said the future will continue to invest in Turkey, the company information technologies announced that they will continue to contribute to the industry. Defining the company’s purchasing strategy as values-based, transparent and data-oriented, Li said the following on his relations with business partners:

“To create a healthy cooperation ecosystem of our business partners Huawei We hope that he continues to work with him. Huawei supports its partners with digital platforms and tools. project management It will continue to support them to develop their skills, increase their operational efficiency and simplify their business processes. With our business partners new business areas will expand and new collaboration models we will develop. “

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