29 July 2021
Turkey was removed from the F-35 program - shiftdelete.net

Turkey was removed from the F-35 program – shiftdelete.net

US Department of Defense to Ankara Turkey‘nin From the F-35 Program It has been reported that it has been removed. Thus, reported that the partnership ending in the development of Turkey’s 5th generation fighter aircraft, the US official.

Turkey is also the developer of the F-35 delivery to Turkey had been a long-term agenda. F-35 produced for Turkey were not given to Turkey. In addition, Turkish pilots who were trained for the F-35 flight returned home.

Turkey is no longer a member of the F-35 program

The first deals for the F-35 were signed in 2006. In Turkey on 26 January 2007 it was included in the program by signing the Joint Memorandum of Understanding. Thus, Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) became one of the major contractors of the program.

However, after the political situations experienced Turkey, It could not buy the aircraft produced within the F-35 Program. Termination memorandum was signed in 2007 and signed a new memorandum that Turkey take place. Thus the program has continued to 8 except Turkey partnership.

Turkey participating in the program, 100 were committed to the purchase of F-35 aircraft. 4 aircraft before 2018, the property passed after the second plane to Turkey. However, after the crisis experienced in the S-400 was being transferred to Turkey 6 aircraft purchase decision and by the US Air Force emerged between Turkey and the US.

turkey F-35 program

Turkey under the program was producing more than 1,000 parts. many large and small companies from Turkey was producing these parts. Instead of Turkish companies, other suppliers were found for the production of these parts. TAI had started mid-body delivery for the F-35 in 2013. He also held a ceremony for this delivery.

Turkey in the program along with the US, Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Italy and Australia was taking place.

The SOM-J missile to be used in the F-35 aircraft was also produced by ROKETSAN. However, a contract was signed between ROKETSAN and “Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control” for the precision guided missile SOM-J.

The Lockheed Martin F-35 program is co-produced by the website, ‘Global Initiative’ in the list of other countries except Turkey are taking place. It even includes content for countries that are not the main contractors of the program.

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