4 August 2021
Turkey's first e-commerce employers' union was founded

Turkey’s first e-commerce employers’ union was founded

In recent years, interest in e-commerce has skyrocketed after the coronavirus outbreak. In our country showing e-commerce activity While the number of companies reached 256 thousand 861, the total volume grew by 66 percent in one year. Everyday hundreds of thousands of orders have been placed and delivered The increase in the number of people working in this sector has created the need for new legal regulations and intermediaries who act as bridges.

In this context, a first in our country, aiming to support companies operating in the field of e-commerce and to increase the number of companies with high profitability. E-Commerce Employer Union (E-TİS) became the first union to represent companies operating in the field of e-commerce, established pursuant to Article 51 of the constitution.

E-Commerce Employers’ Union (E-TİS) started its operations

In his speech, Erdem Yanık, the chairman of the union, which held its first general assembly and officially started its operations, said:As the first union established pursuant to Article 51 of our Constitution to represent our companies operating in the field of e-commerce, we aim to develop innovative applications and increase the number of highly profitable businesses in national and international areas by using technology at the highest level.”Used expressions.

on Turkey’s e-commerce companies and that significant progress had further plans to move voicing the Employers’ Association of E-Commerce Chairman of the Supervisory Board Massoud Senel used the following expressions;

According to a statement from the Ministry of Commerce, 256 thousand 861’s businesses in e-commerce activities in Turkey. In 2020, e-commerce volume increased by 66 percent compared to 2019, increasing from 136 billion lira to 226.2 billion lira.

We will support companies operating in the field of e-commerce to expand abroad with value added services.

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