23 July 2021
Turkey's largest robot: We start with a 3D printer

Turkey’s largest robot: We start with a 3D printer

Turkey’s largest robot We are here with you. Zaxe with ShiftDelete.Net We did an exciting project as a family. After a month and a half of planning, we achieved our goal and 3d printer we printed a huge robot with.

We pushed the boundaries of 3D printers with Zax: Turkey’s biggest robot

Zaxe’nin Z1 PlusAlso printed the Formula 1 cup. We have set our target higher. 15 printers with for weeks You can see the huge robot that emerged after the work in progress in our video. We also touched on the details of the process in the video.

Turkey’s largest robot study 80 kg We used around raw materials. 15 pieces Zaxe Z1 Plus The robot that came out of its printer was printed piece by piece. For each piece 48 seconds with 72 hours During the time between, the machines worked.

On the other hand, let’s take a closer look at Zaxe. Developing products for both end users and industrial users, Zaxe, 4.000 with 40.000 Turkish Lira among the product range.

Zaxe Z1 Plus, which we use for both F1 cup and robot; Thanks to its dual motor drive, it does a very good job in large volume products. Thanks to its heat-controlled printing volume, the device also provides high quality in materials such as ABS and ASA.

Thanks to wireless file transfer, which is not available in many home 3D printers, you can start producing the part you want quickly and effortlessly. In addition, thanks to the hepa filter, the device, which cleans the toxic gases generated during production, automatically switches the system to standby during power cuts.

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