21 April 2021
Turkey's move surprised Nvidia GeForce NOW

Turkey’s move surprised Nvidia GeForce NOW

NVIDIA signed cloud game service GeForce NOW Turkey market Turkcell He announced that he was logging in with. GAME+ The streaming network, which came to our country under the name of, sent an e-mail to its users this morning. Surprised by what they were up to with the e-mail they received, many players expressed their reactions on social media.

GFN powered by GAME+ The first criticisms to the service were experienced about pricing. Premium package 74.9 TL per month platform 3 months Premium special to launch 149.7 TLHe had announced that he would give it to. However, users rebelled against this situation. Players who could not come to an agreement with Turkcell on the price have now started the day with a new important news. It is understood that the users who subscribe to the application from abroad servers have reached the end of the road.

Global GeForce NOW accounts connecting to Game +

This morning Game+ service in Turkey GeForce NOW He sent a mass e-mail to his users. The streaming platform, which is one of the most talked about topics in social media at the moment, made a very controversial decision and attracted reactions.

GeForce Now

The e-mail sent “We partnered with Game + to offer local services in Turkey GeForce NOW we’re excited to let you knowIt started with the sentence. While it is stated that the game playing experience we are used to will continue in the same way here; It was stated that NVIDIA’s basic hardware and software will also be protected.

You will be able to continue using the GeForce NOW service operated by NVIDIA until May 3.The e-mail saying, ”included those sentences that dump users to social media. Faster and abroad for a seamless service users in Turkey have receivedwhere subscription packages will be transferred to GAME + announced. Thus, the delay times Servers in Ankara It was underlined that it can be solved thanks to. Thereupon, many game enthusiasts began to criticize GAME + for its price and this decision.

.: What about the prices of the GAME + platform and how do you interpret this decision? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us!

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