1 August 2021
Turkey's risk map has changed: Here is the new ban

Turkey’s risk map has changed: Here is the new ban

The bans, which have been relaxed in the fight against coronavirus (Coronavirus), are coming back after the cases reach the 30 thousand band again. Ministers today to map out the risks that Turkey eyes turned from the Council was expected to make critical decisions. After the 3.5-hour meeting in Beştepe, President Erdoğan announced the new decisions.

Making a statement after the cabinet meeting, President Erdoğan, Turkey new risk mapshared. The only provinces in Turkey blue (low-risk) stayed in Sirnak. Since 1 March, 41 more provinces have entered the red category. In 58 provinces, including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the Saturday restriction has come back.

Erdogan also announced that during Ramadan, a curfew will be applied across the country on weekends.

Drug has been developed to block coronavirus

latest situation in Turkey risk maps: Saturday 58 provinces ban

Erdogan’s statements are as follows:

We follow the tradesmen whose jobs were reduced during the epidemic period, and our students whose schedule was disrupted due to the disruption of face-to-face education. Everyone’s police must have their own conscience and mind when it comes to epidemic measures. If we cannot reduce the number of cases, patients and deaths, we will fall behind the global normalization process, it will be costly.

A large part of Turkey unfortunately turns red. If we cannot reduce the number of cases, patients and deaths faster than the countries with which we have humanitarian and commercial relations, we will fall behind the global normalization. The number of provinces in the red category, which constitute a very high risk group, has reached 58 cities that constitute 80 percent of our population.
In the provinces in the red category, the curfew restriction, which is only applied on Sunday, will now continue as Saturday and Sunday.

Closing at the weekend in Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, events such as iftar and sahur will not be held across the country. Restaurants and 50 percent of businesses in all parts of Turkey without distinction as to color and cafes capacity to operate in accordance with the established rules. Turkey curfew restrictions throughout the evening and 21:00 every day of the week will continue as 5:00 in the morning.

Only in Turkey during Ramadan services businesses such as restaurants and cafes will be limited to takeaways.

During this blessed month, we will impose a curfew on weekends across the country.

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