30 July 2021
Twitch phenomenon to be candidate for Jahrein MP

Twitch phenomenon to be candidate for Jahrein MP

Twitch has 1.5 million followers on its platform Years in (Ahmet Results) announced on the live broadcast that he would be a deputy candidate. Saying that he will participate in the elections in 2023, the phenomenon publisher gave the first details about which party he will be a candidate from.

He made a big hit on his live broadcast last night Years in became one of the most talked about names in social media. In his past publications, he did not spare his words with his political messages and political stance. Twitch phenomenasurprised everyone with his candidacy for parliament.

Jahrein: “I hope I will run in this election”

Managed to appeal to millions of people with its political comments and entertaining publications. Years in He said he would not attend any party. The publisher who will stand as an independent candidate in the 2023 elections,Don’t vote, it’s up to youHe shared his thoughts with his followers, saying. Indicating that young people appear in the political arena in European countries Twitch publishersaid the world has changed now. Stating that older politicians will not understand young people, the phenomenon shared with his followers that this situation will improve in our country over time.

Years in

Stating that he will enter the political arena in the 2023 elections Ahmet Result He made his announcement, which will make a tremendous impact on social media, with the following sentences:

Hopefully, I will run my candidacy in this election. I can be a deputy or not. It does not matter to me. My aim is, in fact, to show that … I want to get some things changed in Turkey. I want some things to change in the political arena, in the political arena.

He said that he would be a candidate for parliament last year.

Years in came up with a similar issue last year, Twitterto his followers independent candidate for parliament He humorously conveyed it would happen Among his promises In the TBMM refectory tasting the steak and soup sold and reporting to fans, wife when you’re late for a hairdresser appointment There were absurd details such as storytelling in the office car, which turned on the flashes in the safety lane. But the sharing made at that time clearly showed that it was a joke. In the announcement he made last night, his followers found Conclusion very serious on this issue.

To watch the resounding broadcast of Ahmet Results last night. Twitch You can go to the page and Tired Democrat v4.21 You can open the summary of the current publication named.

How do you evaluate this surprise breakout of Jahrein? Don’t forget to share with us your views on the popular broadcaster’s candidate for parliament.

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