4 August 2021
Twitter announced its targets until 2023

Twitter announced its targets until 2023

One of the popular social media applications of today Twitter; He shared the goals he wanted to achieve by 2023. In this context, the company, number of users it wants to increase and increase its income.

Today, in the announcement before the investor presentation Twitter; He said it will increase the number of features it publishes to increase its revenue and users.

Twitter’s target for 2023 is to have 315 million users

ReutersAccording to the information provided by; Twitter said today, doubling its annual revenue to the least For 7.5 billion dollars to take out and in 2023 315 million He said that he aims to reach the user and increase his shares by more than 8%.

Twitter; “Our forward-looking Tweets, such as those related to future goals and objectives, are subject to risks and uncertainties. These goals and targets are based on our current roadmap and depend on many factors, including our own application and various market conditions. We can change our goals or pursue alternative goals. These statements reflect current expectations and assumptions. Actual results may differ significantly.. ” made statements.

The company, which wants to increase the number of users, gave the signals of this in the news published recently. TechCrunchAccording to the news of Twitter, ShareChatis preparing to buy. Current application of social media Mine Aiming to compete with China’s popular short format video application TikTok, Twitter’s 1.1 billion dollarsIt is stated that he made a purchase offer.

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