4 August 2021
Twitter appointed representative, ban lifted

Twitter appointed representative, ban lifted

Social media covered daily access arrangement to which more than 1 million foreign-source social networking provider, has brought Turkey to the obligation to appoint a representative. Twitter was subject to an advertising ban during the process of enforcement, which was gradually applied to providers who did not fulfill their obligations. It was announced that the ban was lifted.

Twitter’s advertising ban was lifted established companies in Turkey

“Law No. 7253 Amending the Law on Regulating Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts” Under the scope, certain sanctions were foreseen for social network providers that do not have representation. These were as follows:

– The social network provider will be fined 10 million TL.
– If he still does not open a representative office within 30 days, a further 30 million TL will be fined.
– Another 30 days will be waited, if the provider still does not open a representative office, they will be subject to advertising penalties.
– If the agency does not open within 3 months, the bandwidth will be reduced by 50%. This ratio will be increased up to 90%.

Sanctions for social networks that do not fulfill their obligations

The third stage of the sanction came into effect after being published in the Official Gazette in January 2021. Advertising on Twitter was banned, and it was stated that companies that advertised would also be fined. Thereupon, Twitter finally announced that it would appoint a representative, and as of today, it officially established a company in our country. Twitter Internet Content Services Limited Company‘The establishment of the registrant social media network, as the representative of Turkey Kevin Cope’u assigned.

Following this move by Twitter, the current The advertising ban was also lifted. Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan stated that within the scope of the relevant decision published in the Official Gazette, the advertising ban applied to Twitter is now will not be in effect explained.

No one left to appoint a representative

Under the Regulation brought all meet the obligations of the social network providers must appoint a representative to Turkey. List of providers who appoint representatives:

– VK
– YouTube
– TikTok
– Dailymotion
– LinkedIn
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Pinterest

Touching on this issue, Ömer Fatih Sayan stated that the process that started on October 1, 2020 was completed in accordance with the law.

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TikTok’s representative has also been announced

The delegate of social network providers by establishing a company in Turkey, has also TikTok. On March 29, 2021 100 thousand TL on budget Tiktok Turkey Digital Media and Advertising Limited Company‘Establishing the social network, he has appointed Patrick Keenan, Cormac as the representative of Turkey.

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