28 July 2021

Twitter blocked Russian troll group

Twitter, With Russian trawl farms banned 100 linked accounts. Social media company in less than a year at least the third time, 2016 the trawl farm responsible for intervening in the presidential election Russian Internet Research AgencyBanned the network of accounts with links to (IRA).

Accounts are thought to be manipulating the platform

Twitter said on the subject on Tuesday that the company is associated with 31 accounts in two networks announced that they suspended. Also, your company accounts, Twitter Armenia, İran and Russia He said he had a connection with To 373 accounts He stated that it was part of a larger sanction.

Twitter Text Editor

100 of these accounts in total Russia was linked with. According to the company, networks have been caught trying to reinforce talking points that shed a positive light on the Russian government while targeting people in the US and EU.

In addition, Twitter said “373 associated accounts across four networks have been permanently suspended on Twitter for violations of our platform manipulation policies”Shared his note.

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