18 April 2021
Twitter has supported iOS14 privacy changes

Twitter has supported iOS14 privacy changes

Twitter CFO’su Ned Segal, the company plans to Apple iOS 14 explained that it is confident about its privacy changes and that this feature could allow Twitter to compete better with its competitors.

Segal, Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom He spoke at the conference. Speaking at the conference, CFO “Twitter has a growing audience. Better use with better formats and more relevance ” He stated that he improved himself well in his field.

Twitter welcomes privacy change

Twitter CFO’su, CNBCscheduled to be released in the spring, according to Identifier for Advertisers He added that the changes made to his tag could actually allow the social media company to compete more effectively against other social media platforms.

Segal, In a way, IDFA will raise the playing field. We are in an industry where many have historically been much better than Twitter at taking advantage of all the data available to them, from device identity to what people do with others. Leveling the playing field will have a really interesting impact on the broader industry when we have the same new set of challenges we all have to face ” said.

In addition Segal said instead of rushing to ask users to choose to watch IDFA, Twitter will instead wait and see how the change will turn out.

CFO, who continues his words with advertisements, You only have one chance to ask someone if you can access their device ID to show more relevant ads. You really want to take the time to ask thoughtfully and learn from the industry from the broader ecosystem ” said.

iOS 14 privacy feature, IDFA it will definitely ensure that monitoring is included on an application basis. Some companies, including Facebook, opposed this feature, saying it would hurt advertising revenue. However, in February, Twitter was above the feature’s revenue. “Modest effect” He said he would have.

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