30 July 2021
Twitter is down?  An explanation came from the company

Twitter is down? An explanation came from the company

Many users, Downdetector to the website named Twitter He reported that he had an access problem. It is stated that the problem in the social media platform is experienced worldwide. The company made an official statement on the issue.

Twitter is down! Here are the details

Users to Twitter login and refresh flow faced with problems. problems started in the third row with Turkey time largely seems to be solved. On Twitter, users posted many tweets on this subject.

The company’s statement on Twitter is as follows: ”For some of you, Tweets may not be loading. We are working to fix a problem and will be back on the timeline soon. ” twitter

Downdetector’e 40 good Close users reported problems with the social media platform. While the company did not report what the source of the problem was, it announced that they would fix it as soon as possible.

So do you still have access problems? We welcome your ideas for comments.

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