23 July 2021
Twitter killed Trump's tweets - ShiftDelete.Net

Twitter killed Trump’s tweets – ShiftDelete.Net

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) working to create an official online archive. The old president Donald Trump The tweets shared by the company are also stored accordingly. But Twitter platform announced that it will not allow the aforementioned past posts to be published on the social media platform.

NARA, including tweets from top government officials maintaining historically important federal records is a responsible institution.

Twitter announces that Trump cannot resurrect his tweets

Of NARA @realDonaldTrump It is not yet clear how he wanted to reactivate his account. It is not yet known whether the institution wants to re-open the same username directly or create a copy of the account. But whatever happens TwitterIs determined not to have Trump’s tweets on his platform in any way.

The Twitter platform announced that it will only allow archiving of administrative accounts that do not violate company rules. The tweets of former president Donald Trump In this direction, it will probably never return.

Twitter, U.S. Capitol on January 6Donald Trump from the platform after the attack on permanently banned. Twitter, Trump’s account promotes or glorifies violence banned on the grounds.


Twitter declares that it will not allow Trump’s tweets to be archived

Donald Trump’s tweets to be published in a single file

NARA is under its control Trump Presidential LibraryHe announced that he will publish an archive of Trump’s tweets on his website. NARA announced that all of Trump’s tweets will be in the archive. James Pritchett, spokesperson for NARA, that they are working to make the exported content downloadable explained. The agency stated that it will only present the tweets as a single file, rather than making them available one by one online.

A blow to Donald Trump recently came from Facebook. Her bride, Lara Trump, shared her interview with former US President Donald Trump on Facebook. Facebook announced that it decided not to publish Trump’s voice and removed the sharing from its platform. Social media platforms that prevent former US President Donald Trump from posting Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram ve Twitch happened. Trump with his own platform to social media announced that he was planning to make a comeback.

Well, what do you think about preventing Donald Trump from sharing on social media, we are waiting for your ideas.

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