1 August 2021
Twitter offered $ 4 billion for the Clubhouse!

Twitter offered $ 4 billion for the Clubhouse!

Already Clubhouse developing a competing application for Twitter, It is also making attempts to buy the company, allegedly. Bloomberg to your news by Twitter, Clubhouse’la in his purchasing negotiations 4 billion dollars offered.

Twitter opens the pouch for Clubhouse

Launched last year, offering live audio conversations. Clubhouse, celebrities, and technology CEOs became popular with names like. Currently only iOS The application available on the platform and where it is possible to participate through the guests, More than 10 million people downloaded by.

Twitter offered $ 4 billion for the Clubhouse!

According to the news of Bloomberg, the social media giant Twitter and Clubhouse Purchase negotiations are taking place between. Twitter’s or is it Clubbhouse’un While it is not known whether he is making an offer, the number spoken 4 billion It was stated that there was a price like the dollar. Considering that these two platforms compete in the voice chat space, Twitter’s It is said that he made a move to disable his opponent.

However, Clubhouse is not just Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn and Slack It faces many competitors, including. These other platforms are already fully built web, as well as millions of built-in user bases. iOS and Android It moves along with its applications. Clubhouse, which works to access these companies, also made an agreement with engineers to create the Android application. The firm also said this week that it has made it possible to monetize the app as a way for creators to monetize, and will not take a share of the revenue.

Twitter Spaces both Android him the iOS has been made available. The company also plans to release a web version and open up the app’s capabilities to all of its users. Twitter’ın Clubhouse’u It doesn’t make any sense at all, unless it wants to eliminate competition and capture the app’s user base. But in both cases, Twitter and Clubhouse will continue to fight each other.

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