30 July 2021
Twitter prepares to rival TikTok

Twitter prepares to rival TikTok

TechCrunchAccording to the news of Twitter, ShareChatis preparing to buy. Current application of social media Mine Aiming to compete with TikTok, China’s popular short format video application, Twitter’s 1.1 billion dollarsIt is stated that he made a purchase offer.

The meeting has not turned into an agreement yet

India based Indian social media and social network its service, ShareChat, has been in service since January 8, 2015. In addition, Twitter has been an investor in social media for a while. Short-format video application owned by ShareChat, a social media company that wants to convert investment into purchasing MineIt is claimed that they have goals such as moving to the international market and being a competitor to TikTok.

1.1 billion dollars as well as the purchase offer 900 million It is stated that the negotiations on the agreement, which also stated that it promised additional dollar investment, have not turned into an agreement yet. Additionally, TechCrunch announced that it refused to comment on both sides of the issue.

In India, which banned TikTok last year Moj’un 80 milyondan It is claimed to have many users.

In addition to these developments TechCrunchAccording to the description of the resources obtained by ShareChat He went on a new financing tour because he did not like the purchase offer.

ShareChat, allegedly meeting investors, including Google, began to increase its value with the acquisition initiative of Twitter.

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