22 April 2021
Twitter will bring 'undo' feature to posts

Twitter will bring ‘undo’ feature to posts

Sometimes due to typo or other reason on Twitter tweet editing we can feel the need. The editing feature is not available on Twitter, although it is available on most social media platforms. Even though users had reacted thousands of times to this situation, they could not break Twitter’s resistance.

The social media company gave up this insistence, albeit relatively. Jane Manchun Wong, software developer who studies Twitter with the reverse engineering method, “Undo Tweet” feature future told. The testing phase of the feature is underway, according to Wong’s explanation. There is no clear information that Twitter will enable the feature.

Twitter is testing its tweet back feature

Jane Manchun Wong showed in a video where she shared how Twitter’s new feature works. On video “Undo Tweet” We see that the feature will appear as a notification when we share. The notification window, which will appear on the screen for a few seconds, is accompanied by a countdown timer.

Twitter tweet undo

Twitter will soon roll out the “undo tweet” feature.

When you want to retrieve the tweet you sent, before the timer expires, the “Geri Al ” You have to touch the button. But the timer duration is short you will have to act fast. If you can hit the “Undo” button before the timer runs out, the tweet you sent will be deleted without anyone seeing it. So you won’t be sharing the tweet.

Why is Twitter not bringing the tweet editing feature?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gave a statement to the press in the past years. Dorsey shared information about the working logic of Twitter and why they did not introduce the tweet editing feature: told:

“The reason we didn’t make arrangements in the first place is that we are based on SMS, we are built on text messages. After sending a text message, you cannot retrieve it. So when you send a tweet, you can’t get it back. So maybe in reference A 5 to 30 second delay we can apply. That way, you can edit it in the window. “

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