30 July 2021
Twitter will prevent aggressive behavior with 'Safety Mode'

Twitter will prevent aggressive behavior with ‘Safety Mode’

With the development of technology Facebook, Twitter and Google Technology companies such as technology have started to create artificial intelligence supported systems to reduce hate speech.

Twitter, Safety Mode feature announced that it will enable users to avoid aggressive behavior.

Twitter will reduce hate speech: Safety Mode feature

Social media has been divided into two due to what happened with the Erzurum game recently. While some users described the comments made by Twitch broadcasters as hate speech, some users argued that the comments made were appropriate. In addition, many users took an aggressive attitude towards the game maker on Twitter.

Twitter will prevent aggressive behavior with its Safety Mode feature

Twitter, artificial intelligence supported Thanks to the new feature, it will prevent users called trolls. However, some analysts argue that the system should work perfectly, otherwise many users may be victimized by this feature.

Twitter, which has been testing Safety Mode for about 1 year, has completed its preparations to present it to users. Thanks to the developed feature, users who create harassment and spam content are automatically detected and For 7 days will have limited access.

YouTube Introducing a similar paid subscription system, Twitter continues to appear with new features.

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