4 August 2021
Two major improvements to the Microsoft Edge Canary version

Two major improvements to the Microsoft Edge Canary version

Micrososft’s popular browser Microsoft Edge, beta and Canary continues to get new features in the versions. The application, which has been updated with vertical tab and quick start mode in the past weeks, is now receiving a performance-oriented innovation.

Microsoft Edge Canary This feature discovered in the version; While it increases the application speed, it also makes the PDF tool better. Let’s take a closer look at the features offered this week.

Microsoft Edge gets performance mode feature

With this week’s update, two new features are coming to the Microsoft Edge Canary version. The first of these significantly increases the speed of the browser.performance mode”Function. This new functionality offered by Microsoft; memory, CPU, It focuses on topics such as response time, optimizing battery usage and improving speed. This can be briefly referred to as a function offered to balance your browser’s overall performance and battery consumption.

On the other hand, the second feature offered for the browser is PDF an innovation offered in the field. Users will now be able to add text to the PDF with the new version. Normally PDF only handwriting was added manually. However, with the new update, users will now have the authority to add text to the PDF. Currently, this feature is exclusive to the Canary version and not publicly available.

There is a very small tweak you need to make to enable Microsoft Edge performance mode. You can activate the new “performance mode” function by entering the link below in your browser.

-enable-features = msPerformanceModeToggle

By entering the command line above in the URL part of your browser, you can activate the performance mode shortcut. After doing this process, To “Settings-System” You can open the performance mode from the screen that appears.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge gets performance mode functionality

That’s all for now what’s new added to the Canary version of Edge. However, these new features are currently not available to everyone. To experience all these innovations, at least Canary Build 91.0.859.0 version. Even just having this version is not enough. Especially in order to activate the performance mode function, you need to enter the code we have given above in the URL part of your browser. After completing all these processes, you can use the new features before anyone else.

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