23 July 2021
Two new details revealed about the iPhone 13 series

Two new details revealed about the iPhone 13 series

Apple’s iPhone 13 Every day new information is emerging about the series. These phones, which the technology world is eagerly waiting for, will most likely be introduced by the end of this year. However, for now, there is no clear detail about which month the devices will be launched.

The iPhone 13 models, which have been on the agenda with the news of leaks for a while, now appeared in front of the enthusiasts with two new details. Apple new smartphones of the company, according to rumors camera and storage It will host major upgrades on its subject.

iPhone 13 series will amaze with its storage space

According to Apple’s new leaked analysis report iPhone 13 Series, 1TB capacity storage option. The reason for this is the increase in data volume and the users needing more space. In this way, consumers will be provided with a comfortable space for large memory usage.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 will offer a 1TB storage option.

The advancement of technology also paves the way for the growth of storage space of smartphones. First times 8 and 16GB capacity phones, now these numbers 512GB’a is up. In the coming days 1TB We will also begin to witness the storage options. Because the enlargement of the camera lenses will increase the size of the photographs and the user will need a larger storage area.

Lidar camera surprise

On the other hand, the new generation iPhone 13 series will also be ambitious about the camera. Because according to the latest reports, Apple is in the next iPhones LİDAR will include cameras. These cameras, which we are only familiar with seeing in high-end models, are expected to come as standard in the iPhone 13 series in the near future.

iPhone 13

LIDAR camera will be featured on iPhone 13.

Speaking of the camera, it is useful to remind other details briefly. The iPhone 13 series, which previously leaked with various render images, will come in a different configuration as a module. The rear camera design of the phones will have an integrated glass module and will be darkened with a blackish color. This will also be different and more pleasing to the look of the current iPhone 12s.

These are the first details about the new iPhones right now. How do you think this decision is made on camera and memory? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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