19 April 2021
Uber's second stop was in Ankara Turkey

Uber’s second stop was in Ankara Turkey

The number one alternative to taxis Uber, Now after Istanbul Ankara started to serve for. US-based company this good news with a stylish campaign announced from social media accounts.

For the first time in Turkey in 2014 to serve 10 chauffeur-driven starters Uber It gained great popularity in our country in a short time. The transportation network that toured the streets of Istanbul with 4 thousand vehicles in 2019 Istanbul 10th Commercial Court of First Instance by created by unfair competition The grounds were closed. In the last days of the previous year, the decision returned from the court of appeal and Unblock Uber lifted. Now popular transport service to the capital stepped too.

Uber Ankara came with an attractive gift

Ankara commencing the service of the people Uber Turkey It came with a very interesting campaign. During the month of March and April according to the opportunities that will prevail “HELLO ANKARATo all users using the code 40 lira part of their journey as a gift will be. Unfortunately, users in Istanbul will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Uber’s biggest advantage over regular taxis comfort quality evaluated as. Luxury vehicles at the same time you go to the Uber service where you will go on a journey with how much money you will pay before reaching the location You can learn from the application. Instant recording security camera And the fact that the vehicle is monitored via computer are some of the things that make Uber safe.

How much are Uber’s rides for?

There are three different vehicle types in Uber, where you can call a personal taxi through the mobile app: Uber Taxi, UberXL and Uber Black. UberXL’da opening fee 8 TL works as. 0.35 cents per minute field vehicle, 2.5 TL per kilometer is calculated. Minimum amount 15 TLis. also call cancellation In the case of the case, a penalty of 15 TL is reflected on the customers.

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