30 July 2021
UK ARM intervention on Nvidia - ShiftDelete.Net

UK ARM intervention on Nvidia – ShiftDelete.Net

Nvidia, UK-based ARM 13 September 2020‘from For 40 billion dollars had bought. ARM designs chipsets for popular processor manufacturers around the world. Among these processor manufacturers AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, Apple, Nvidia and Samsung has. Of nvidia ARMAfter its acquisition, the UK Competition and Markets Authority initiated an investigation into the acquisition to ensure that it was not a monopolization. In addition, some processor manufacturers claim that Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM will be a monopoly in the processor market.

UK halts Nvidia’s purchase of ARM

The UK claims Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM as “national security concernStopped under ”. UK government “the public interestConducted an investigation and stopped buying. Whether this acquisition will pose a national security problem in the UK will be questioned. ARM was previously used by Japan SoftBank HoldingIt was bought by i. SoftBank, ARM in 2016 For 32 billion dollars had bought. ARM’s location, although the purchase is made between Nvidia and SoftBank Because it’s in england The British government intervened. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will lead the investigation and 30 June 2021up to the UK government will submit a report.

Nvidia all this responded to developments. Any purchase that may affect the UK stated that there is no national security problem. “We will continue to work with British officials as we have done since the announcement of this agreement,” Nvidia said. Also, Google, Qualcomm and Microsoft Companies like, have expressed concerns about the acquisition. These companies NvidiaARM technology of use it for their own benefit and they state that it will establish an advantage over other companies.

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