28 July 2021
Update to delight Premiere Rush users

Update to delight Premiere Rush users

Adobe, Premiere Rush released the April update for its application. Especially for software that appeals to video content producers Apple Silicon added support. Mac users with M1 processors now get Premiere Rush locally able to operate.

Premiere Rush Macs with M1 processors so far Rosetta 2 It could work through its emulator. Based on Intel Rosetta 2, which made the programs compatible with Apple Silicon M1 chips, caused a considerable loss of performance in the application. With Adobe natively supporting the processor, this problem has finally disappeared.

Premiere Rush will perform better than its previous version

Apple Silicon M1 support, Premiere Rush to application April 2021 (1.5.58) with version came. Providing information about the content of the update, Adobe video editing and renderlama announced that its performance has increased. The company underlined that support for previous generation Mac computers is also continuing. Also, users can use M1 processor models. without any problem He stated that they could make the transition.

premiere rush

Adobe has released the new version of Premiere Rush.

Adobe has supported all known Premiere Rush video and still image formats shared his support. Also to users the ability to synchronize projects The company that also gives the opportunity to Mac, Windows, iOS and Android underlined that it is compatible with their platforms. Sync tool with Premiere Rush the contents you produce It makes it compatible with all operating systems. By transferring a project you are working on the phone to your computer, you can continue editing right where you left off.

April 2021 (1.5.58) Other innovations coming to Premiere Rush with its version:

New Android device support: Premiere Rush is now compatible with most Android devices. Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20+ It also supports smartphones.

New way to edit clips: You can edit the clip by tapping the video in the timeline. divide, duplicate or deletion You can access the options. Tap on the video to separate the sound from the clip.

On the table: The “Reset Color” option now resets all color adjustments.
iOS ve Android’de: The “Reset Color, Sound and Conversions” function restores all adjustments.

Number of Adobe apps gaining M1 support is increasing

Apple, self-developed ARM based Silicon M1 After switching to processors, software developers also started to revise their applications. In this context, the applications within Adobe M1 support took action to earn money.

Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pronew generation MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini The last application that Adobe has updated that supports natively on devices is Premiere Rush happened.

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