28 July 2021
Valheim beats Dota 2 in concurrent players

Valheim beats Dota 2 in concurrent players

On February 2 Steam Over 3 million purchases, despite being available for early access on the platform Valheim, He achieved another success. The game will increase the number of instant players within a month. 500 well pulled out and Dota It left behind 2. If the only opponent of the game 1 million with concurrent users CS:GO happened.

Valheim surpasses Dota 2 in concurrent players

Of GamesRadar to your news survival game in early access Valheim, instant number of players 500 thousand pulled over. This success of the game Dota 2by passing Steam It made it the second production with the most simultaneous players on the platform. The game, which has a sales success of 3 million even though it is in early access, has a maximum concurrent player number of 1.1 million. CS:GO’ya seems possible with the available data.


On the other hand developer Iron Gate According to reports by the game a DLC the package looks like it’s on its way. For In an interview earlier this week, the studio shared information about the features of the upcoming package and offered ideas for the roadmap for the early access game. A studio for only 5 people Iron Gate’in founding partner Hentik Tornqvist, Hearth and Home “As the name suggests, we aim to focus on the construction side of the game with more building parts to be built in and around the house,” he said.

Tornqvist also stated that the update will contain touches that will also affect food preparation practices.

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